Gas Price Surge

We are still struggling with the high cost of gas in California. Despite all the promises, the show hearings, the delayed and hacked 'rebate' cards... we are still paying around $4.50 per gallon while most Americans are paying much less.

Now, the Governor wants to impose yet ANOTHER tax on gas. He just doesn't get it. The problem is our taxes and regulations on gas are already too dang high! The non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office has estimated that California taxes and regulations constitute over $1.20/gallon in additional cost.

In the short term, I am helping lead an effort to propose 3 easy fixes that could keep our gas prices from surging even higher. We can also immediately reduce the price of gas by suspending the state's gas tax and removing the “hidden” gas tax imposed by California's 'cap and trade' system.

In the longer term, much like our water situation, we can improve our infrastructure, building new pipelines and storage facilities that will ensure we have an adequate gas supply when there are shortages. That is really what causes our gas prices to spike. We can produce our own oil right here in California instead of relying on petro-dictatorships for our gasoline.

Send a message to Sacramento that you want real action on our gas prices... not more show hearings and lip service.

It is an honor to serve you,

James Gallagher
Assembly Minority Leader