Stop arbitrary shutdowns and emphasize and inspire Americans to follow best practices to reduce the spread of the virus.


Get our kids back in school and implement reforms that allow parents to obtain the best education for their children. Get control of our schools back into the hands of the local school boards.

Reduce Wildfire Risk

Get into our forests and remove the huge build-up of fuels; use that material for biomass and other energy projects that sequester carbon. This will stop wildfires and reduce carbon emissions.  

Business Climate

Remove red tape so that people can own and operate their businesses freely. Reduce government bureaucracies that are unaccountable and drive up the cost of businesses.

Job Creation

Support Californian workers and get the government out of the way of how people choose to earn a living.  Repeal AB 5 and support independent workers. 

Good Government

Make sure our government programs operate the way they are supposed to. While some Californians go months without unemployment benefits it has been revealed that as much as $8 billion was sent to individuals in prison or jail while the EDD did nothing. This is the clearest example of government corruption and waste that plagues our state government.


It's a sobering reality that half of all homeless individuals in the United States live in California. That is a failure of policy. We need solutions that address the individual problems of each homeless person. get people off the street (both voluntarily and involuntarily) and into accountable programs that address drugs, mental illness that are often the cause of homelessness.


Remove the barriers and build more housing so that the cost comes down and people have more options. 


The failure of the Oroville Dam was a wake-up call that California's infrastructure is severely in need of repair and investment. We must invest in our roads, bridges, dams, levees and canals to bring them into the modern era.  

Public safety

Focus on ensuring that dangerous people are kept in prison and out of our communities and support our law enforcement.

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